Interested in Becoming a FreezerFit Chef? Join the "Masterclass" of the Meal Prep Industry

Why Become a FreezerFit Chef?


We pay 50% (normally $48.50) for every person who signs up from your links. We have extremely high conversion rates.

Low Return Rates

Our customers love us. We have a return rate of only 2%. We deliver a great product and only work with creators where our values align.

Upfront Payment

We pay you upfront for your recipes, cooking class, and ad creation. Payment is based on your reach.

It's Easy & Fun

Our process is smooth and fast. After working with lots of chefs we now have a system in place. We can create the recipes for you to approve if needed. 

Your Own Product

This is like having your own high-quality product without all the headaches. No customer service, no dealing with returns, no software development.

Mutually Beneficial

You earn money by directing people to your FreezerFit Class. FreezerFit grows. Other chefs direct people to their cooking class and FreezerFit members discover you and your brand.

We Have a World Class Marketing Team Dedicated to Your Success...

Our product sells itself but our marketing team makes it irresistible. Since FreezerFit launched in 2020, our conversion rates have more than doubled! This means more profit for you. Our team is here to make your life easy and to help you succeed.

Here's How it Works


Create a Cooking Class & Ad

We give you a basic outline to follow for your class. This class style is proven to convert the viewers into members at the highest rate possible.


Create or Approve 50 Recipes

You create 50 freezer meal recipes for us to use. No need to photograph them or cook them. Or, we can create the recipes for you and you sign off on them.


Create Dedicated Posts for Your Class

Create videos or posts about your cooking class and earn 50% of each sale generated through your links. Really high conversion rates because you’re part of the product!

Hear From One of Our Partner Chefs

Your Chef Dashboard

Our chef dashboard allows you to check your balance, referrals, conversion rate, and visits.

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