11 Quick Freezer Meals for New Moms

Whether you’re expecting a baby or preparing for a friend, freezer meals for new moms are incredibly helpful! Already a popular concept, freezer meals are ready to be cooked or reheated and stored in the freezer. Many current parents are probably familiar with this. It’s even traditional for some families and cultures: Prepare several meals for the new parents to eat when they are home with a new baby.

Having a newborn at home is of course a stressful and transformational time in parents’ lives. They probably won’t want to go out to restaurants or spend hours on end cooking in the kitchen. That means freezer meals can be a complete lifesaver as they take little effort, planning, or time. And making freezer meals for new moms is also special as love is easily expressed through food and cooking. While other food gifts, like a gift card to a pizza chain for example, are thoughtful and helpful, there’s nothing quite like nutritious homemade meals to satisfy! 

Freezer Meals for New Moms

Freezer meals for new moms are helpful for several reasons. Not only may new parents feel tired and unmotivated to cook, but it’s important to consume nutritious meals during this time. Nursing parents will need extra nutrients and wholesome foods to help nourish and replenish both parent and baby. And in general, freezer meals are always going to save time and energy. New parents can appreciate how helpful this is when time and energy are going to their newborn.

Freezer meals for new moms should be comforting, nutritious, and filling. New parents will appreciate a variety of healthy and indulgent comfort food like creamy casseroles and vegetable dishes. And if the family already has a kid or two at home, freezer meals will feed the whole family! FreezerFit’s variety of comforting and nutritious freezer meals include options that kids and adults will enjoy. This round-up of freezer meals for new moms include comfort food and healthier options that are great for the whole family (but especially mom!):

FreezerFit’s free cooking classes include tasty recipes like these that are perfect for new moms! Learn the freezer meal prep method in one of our cooking classes like the vegan version here. This class shows you how to prepare some of these recipes and cook them later. While this type of cooking is popular for new parents, here at FreezerFit, it’s popular year-round: It’s always a good idea to be prepared with a variety of meals. Especially as the new parents move forward with cooking with a little one at home.

Postpartum Meal Prep

Postpartum meal prep is essential for people who have just had babies! Having meals and snacks ready to go after the baby arrives takes away that added stress of cooking. If you’re an expecting parent, you can prepare freezer meals to enjoy in a month or two down the road. Or if you know someone expecting a baby, you can help make their experience even better with postpartum meal prep. You can even make different freezer meals from your own homemade recipes: If you have a traditional family recipe that’s special to you, it will certainly be special to share that food with a new mom and friend.

Wholesome meals to nourish and replenish are best for postpartum meal prep. Comforting, nourishing recipes that are still nutritious and filling can easily be made into freezer meals. Prepare a few meals in advance to cook later with simple methods like the oven or instant pot. Then bring these meals to the new parents either right before or after baby comes! You can attach labels with directions on how to easily cook and serve the meal. With the help of FreezerFit’s downloadable labels and recipes, these meals can be ready to go in little time.

Postpartum Snacks

Though freezer meals may be common for new parents, an added touch like snacks would surely be appreciated. Help the new parents supplement their freezer meals with postpartum snacks, too. Some examples of nutritious and tasty bites to bring alongside freezer meals are:

  • Yogurt parfaits with seasonal fruit and granola
  • Cut raw veggies with ranch dip or hummus
  • Ham roll-ups with cream cheese and pickles
  • Homemade trail mix with dried fruit, nuts, and seeds
  • Canned salmon with crackers
  • Cottage cheese with seasonal fruit

Healthy Freezable Meals

Cooking healthy freezable meals makes eating your favorite foods even easier! The easy method of preparing and storing several meals in the freezer takes the stress out of planning dinner every day of the week. FreezerFit’s meals include recipes for different diet preferences, cuisines, and cooking methods — It’s helpful to have an instant pot or crockpot for freezer meals so you can cook easily all in one pot. 

After baby comes and as they grow up, healthy freezable meals can help you save time and money. You can make a variety of healthy meals at once and then toss them in the freezer for later. If you’re trying to eat more whole foods, having healthy freezable meals available means there’s no reason to impulse buy processed foods or takeout. 

The Perfect Healthy Snack: Smoothies

Another example of healthy freezable meals to have around for new moms or anytime is smoothies. Smoothies are a good idea for meal prep for new parents because they can be a quick snack or part of a full breakfast. Try preparing FreezerFit’s smoothies ahead of time, like a Banana Berry, Tropical Green, or Matcha Pineapple smoothie! 

Or, make your own version of a smoothie with your favorite fruits and greens. Just throw the cut fruit and add-ins (like chia seeds and raw spinach or kale) to a freezer safe container or bag. When you’re ready for a smoothie, throw it all in a blender with liquid like coconut water or almond milk and blend until smooth. Bulk up your smoothie with healthy fats like avocado, nut butter, and hemp seeds blended in or swirled on top.

Susana Ojeda West

Susana Ojeda West

FreezerFit Head Chef

Susana Ojeda West

Susana Ojeda West

FreezerFit Head Chef

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