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What is FreezerFit VIP?

FreezerFit VIP is your all-access pass to freezer meal planning with the FreezerFit Method. It's the easiest way to adopt the FreezerFit lifestyle. Here's what's included...

  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Exclusive Meal Prep Classes
  • Full FreezerFit Workout Library
  • Submit Your Own Recipes
  • Ad Free Browsing
  • Private Monthly Newsletter
  • VIP Only Discounts
  • Help Feed Children in Need

Custom Meal Plans (Value $99/mo )

Generate Your Own Personalized Meal Plans

FreezerFit's proprietary system generates your personalized meal plan based on a short quiz.

Personalized meal plans are expensive! FreezerFit custom tailors a meal plan to you based on your own needs.

Having too many options for dinner can be stressful. With FreezerFit's personalized meal plans you no longer have to decide but...

Don't like one of the meals in your custom plan? Replace it with another meal that fits your dietary needs with the click of button. It's like magic!

Exclusive Meal Prep Classes (Value $49/mo)

Get Access to New Meal Prep Classes Every Month

Love the FreezerFit videos? You can now get access to exclusive meal prep classes every month.

If you're like most FreezerFit members, you love the prep classes. Now you'll be able to enjoy more exclusive classes with your favorite chefs.

Each class is short and only contains 4 recipes and has a theme. This is perfect for a quick prep session or you can double up the meals to prep for over a week!

You'll get access to all new prep classes along with all of the past classes.

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Full Exercise Library (Value $49/mo)

Get Access to All FreezerFit Exercise Videos

We have exercises for everyone. For seniors, beginners, and advanced.

Even if you've never exercised or you're a senior, you can do these and you'll love it! We offer chair yoga, senior yoga, chair Pilates, dancing, fit yoga, and more.

All of our exercises are 15 minutes or less. If you want more just replay the video or combine it with another program. Everyone can find time to do these!

Our FreezerFit exercise instructors keep it fun. Exercising by yourself is boring and it's hard to stay motivated. These workout classes get you moving and keep you going.

Private Monthly Newsletter (Value $10/mo)

Get Monthly Freezer Meal Tips Straight to Your Inbox

We'll send you a monthly update about all things freezer meal prep.

There are always new ways to save time and money with the FreezerFit method.

You'll hear about new FreezerFit products first. You'll have first access to new cookbooks and recipes.

You'll be able to test new time saving and money saving features first. Our VIP members love this!


VIP Discounts (Value $9/mo)

Get Discounts on FreezerFit Coaching

You'll get a 10% discount for FreezerFit nutrition and fitness coaching.

If you decide that you want to make a big lifestyle change you can hire a FreezerFit nutrition or fitness coach. Our coaches work with the FreezerFit Recipes to help you achieve your goals.

Having a coach keeps you accountable. You'll receive a 10% discount on all FreezerFit coaching.

Charity Donations (Value $ PRICELESS)

Your VIP Membership Helps Feed Kids in Need

We donate a portion of proceeds to Together, we've donate this many meals so far:

100 +
Meals Donated

For every month that you're a VIP Member, you're helping to contribute 10 meals to children in need. We couldn't do this without you. Thank you!

Over 12 Million Children in the United States live in "food insecure" homes. This means they don't have enough food to live a healthy life. Become a yearly member and we will help provide over 100 meals to hungry children.

The Total Annual Value of Everything Included in FreezerFit VIP

Total Annual Value: $3,180

But you won’t pay anywhere close to that today. Join for only $14.95/mo!

Upgrade to FreezerFit VIP Now

Unlock the full potential of freezer meal prep with FreezerFit VIP. Over 30% of members choose to upgrade. It's the ultimate way to save time, save money, and eat healthier, but now with even LESS stress.

Monthly Membership

Cancel Anytime
$ 14
per month
  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Exclusive Meal Prep Classes
  • Full Workout Library
  • Private Monthly Newsletter
  • VIP Only Discounts
  • 10 Meals per Month Donated to Hungry Kids

No Annual Commitment

Annual Membership

Get Two Months Free!
$ 97 first year then $147/yr after
  • Get 5 Months Free!
  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Exclusive Meal Prep Classes
  • Full Workout Library
  • Private Monthly Newsletter
  • VIP Only Discounts
  • 100 Meals per Year Donated to Hungry Kids

Get Two Months Free!

What Are Other People Saying?

What Are Other People Saying?

Get Started with FreezerFit VIP Today​

The lifetime FreezerFit membership gives you access to all of our recipes and allows you to create shopping lists. FreezerFit VIP has SO MUCH more.

  • You get new cooking classes that are posted monthly.
  • You can submit your own recipes.
  • All access pass to all of FreezerFit’s workout videos (48 different exercises!)
  • Part of your membership proceeds are donated to charity.
  • Access to our special meal planning calendar that generates a meal plan for you based on your dietary needs.
  • Ad Free recipe browsing
  • Our monthly news letter
  • Discounts on FreezerFit health coaching

FreezerFit VIP as two pricing options. 

  • Annual Membership ($147 per year)
  • Monthly membership ($14.95 per month)

FreezerFit VIP is a monthly or annual subscription. This is so we can provide the best service in the industry. We donate a portion of proceeds to charity. We hire influential chefs to bring you the best recipes. We work with influential and credible fitness and yoga instructors. It is very expensive to provide these services and for us to create more cooking classes and workout videos, we have to pay people to do this.

We only offer refunds for the lifetime FreezerFit membership within the first 30 days. FreezerFit VIP is non-refundable due to the services being provided on a monthly and annual basis.

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