10 Easy & Delicious Freezer Meals | The Best Budget Friendly Freezeable Recipes

Here at FreezerFit, we love a good freezer meal. Actually, that’s all we do. We create delicious and easy freezer meals as a way to help save time, save money, and eat healthy. Whether you’re a new mom wanting an easy way to meal prep or you’re just too busy to cook, freezer meals have you covered. Make sure to scroll down to watch the free cooking class on how to prepare these meals and get your free cookbook with shopping list.

Freezer meals are simply meals that you bulk prepare one day, freeze for up to 90-days, and then cook the day you want to eat them. They’re kinda like the frozen meals you can buy at the grocery store but without all of the preservatives.

The problem with a lot of homemade freezer meals are that they end up being mushy and bland. Well, not here at FreezerFit. Over the past two years we have created 8 cookbooks and over 500 freezer meal recipes for most diet types. We have four free cooking classes.

If you follow a specific type of diet you can find other articles on our site like keto freezer meals or vegan freezer meals.

Ok so let’s get into the easy and delicious freezer meals…

The Best 10 Easy and Healthy Freezer Meals

This is the free cooking class for the healthy freezer meals. The title says that the ingredients are from Costco because shopping at Costco is a great way to save money with freezer meal prep. However, the ingredients can be purchased from most places so you don’t actually need a Costco membership.

Download the free cookbook and get the shopping list: DOWNLOAD THE COOKBOOK



1. Chicken Teriyaki

2. Low Carb Beef Lettuce Wraps

3. Chicken Cacciatore

4. Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken

5. Italian Meatballs and Tomato Sauce

6. Chicken Fajitas

7. Light Country Lemon Chicken

8. Chickpea Tagine

9. BBQ Bhicken

10. Peach Chicken

I’m sure that you’ll LOVE these 10 easy and healthy freezer meal recipes. You can download the cookbook and watch the video to see exactly how to prepare them.

Susana Ojeda West

Susana Ojeda West

FreezerFit Head Chef

Susana Ojeda West

Susana Ojeda West

FreezerFit Head Chef

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